Oil/Water Separation

Marshmallow-like gels usually have strong hydrophobicity and oleophiliicity. They can be used oil/water separation media like sponges, removing organic compounds from water by absorbing them and then releasing them upon being squeezed out.


Surface-treated VTMS-VMDMS gels have superhydrophobicity and superoleophobicity on any cut surface. Novel applications to new antifouling and self-cleaning surfaces would be developed by carefully tuning the surface energy and roughness of the monolith.

Thermal insulating / LN2 retention

Marshmallow-like gels exhibit a low thermal conductivity of about 30 mW m−1K−1. It can be used as a simple container for cryopreserved embryos by filling into a thermos bottle and absorbing LN2.

Giant vesicle (liposome) generation

By squeezing a lipid-coated marshmallow-like gel in a buffer, giant (multilamellar) vesicles are efficiently produced.


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